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How do you feel about country roads?

The beauty of the country roads of Andalusia. The first fence around your property.

Do you feel uncomfortable and scared on a track – or are you one to open all windows and sing “country roads, take me home“?

The country roads of rural Andalucia are one of its highlights. 

country-roadComing from a suburb though, or a very industrial region, or simply a country that is entirely flat and with a high population density, these tracks or caminos can be quite the novelty to newcomers.

Their first reaction is to picture everything flattened and concreted, “for that will save me time “. Obviously, that then also saves time for burglars, anyone in the region looking for a shortcut, the motorcycle-groups in the weekend, the Safari Excursions from coastal resorts and so on… and there goes your tranquility, or the singing of birds that you were originally looking for. A life that was not based around time.

The love for the ‘caminos

fruits-in-andalusiaIn general it only takes a few months before newcomers start to say that they LOVE their own track, that, in fact, it has become that one element of their new home they love most:

Everyone drives slowly, so there are no accidents, the chatting with neighbours who come from the opposite direction, the eagles who do not disappear, the dog walk that can just be done starting from the front door, the picking of fresh fruits right before arriving home…

“It’s the first fence around my property, and one providing more safety and calm than any security camera could”. 

So what if someone comes from an opposite direction? It’s an unspoken rule that the one who has got most experience on that track (ergo: someone living there) is the one who will reverse.

“Work is so hectic and then, from the moment I leave the main roads behind, I’m astonished by the calm rushing over me”.

“People on horseback pass by my house, a goat shepherd, a dog walker… instead of cars”.

As said, it can take a long time before you get to this point… the realization that there’s a reason for the fresh air, calm, safety and beauty. That reason is the track.


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