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Don’t do renovations in the 1st year!

Buying property in Andalusia? Don't do renovations in the first year!

When you buy property in Andalusia, a good estate agent will tell you: “Don’t do anything drastic the first year”! 

For they know better than anyone else that a newcomer arrives with all his or her cultural luggage… and that the you of today is not the one of next year. Here are the differences between your current you – and the you in one year time: 

  • ‘I want a south-facing property’
    ‘I’m dead. That light, that light’!
  • ‘With large windows letting in the light’
    ‘I’m broke. My air-conditioning is the main source of global warming’.
  • ‘Within maximum 10 minutes from the Lidl’
    ‘There’s too much traffic around me’
  • ‘With 5 bedrooms for I’ve got many grand children’
    ‘1 visits with Easter, 1 in the summer and 1 with Christmas. I live in a ghost villa’
  • ‘Near IKEA and supermarkets’
    ‘Near local craftsmen, Andalusian furniture, and fruterias’
  • ‘That bumpy country road is a pain’
    ‘That country road is responsible for 50% of my happiness, silence and safety’
  • ‘Take down some trees for a better view’
    ‘I’ve got views everywhere at every step. When I come home I long for privacy and cool’. ‘Such a pity that everyone is taking down trees everywhere, the views are no longer as nice as when we first arrived’.
  • ‘With an English speaking gardener’
    ‘One regret is that I lived in Spain for so long and go home without any Spanish’

Et cetera, et cetera

It IS the best advice someone can give you: the 1st year is just there to see which way the wind blows. 

And even that’s a northern expression. Here it is about sun, heat, and piercing light. If you start works in the first year, your terrace will be on the right spot… for your country of origin, your windows will be fantastic… in your country of origin…

Give yourself the time to adapt. 

Of course, your overstressed you might want to straighten and level and organize and clean and cut, in short: turn things exactly as they are at home. For that’s in you – to bring your stress with you. Don’t. Sit back, unwind, enjoy the views and wind and tranquility and the friendly ambiance. 

After all, that’s why you came to Andalusia in the first place. Don’t boycott yourself. Plus: you’ve got all the time to investigate the legal issues of any Obra Menor (small works) or Obra Mayor (major works) – your lawyer or gestor will inform you of the procedure.


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